Today the shoulder, neck and head pain are severe. Woke up like this. Would be so nice to actually wake up without being in pain, and refreshed from actually sleeping through the night. Seems to be something I just can’t have any more. 3 years of this now.

Had to take the full range of pills – ibuprofen, paracetomol and codeine to get some relief. I can still feel it but its bearable now.

Wish my MRI was on my whole spine now instead of focusing on my lower back again. I guess I will have to tell the orthapaedic doctor that I’m having a lot of problems here now. Hope he will take me seriously.

Sometimes I feel like all the doctors are thinking I’m just a hypochondriac. I seem to have so many issues, but I’m tired of going to the GP now. I’m tired of it all.

I stopped taking propranolol yesterday. I still get just as many palpitations when I’m on it. I’m going to run out soon and just don’t want to make another appointment. I hate when you talk to reception and they’re like ‘is it urgent?’ and I just can’t lie. No it’s not really urgent, I just need more pills. But trying to get a non-urgent appointment is not easy – every time I’ve tried they always say the appointments for that time aren’t open yet, when I try to book an appointment in a month.

Anyway. It’s the weekend so I’ll chill and hope the codeine hangover isn’t too bad. Nervous about the MRI tomorrow though.


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