My leg was bad last night and it was hard getting to sleep. Woke several times as usual. Had to get up a 6ish for painkillers for my neck/head. Got up for good at 8:30 feeling very nervous about the MRI. Not sure why I was so nervous as I’d had one before and it wasn’t that bad. Anyway by the time I got there I was shaking badly and they were asking if I was alright. Once we got started I was fine – used the mindfulness training to relax in the MRI machine and ended up feeling pretty chilled. When I got out I was a bit dazed, like I’d had a nap. I was in there for 1h15 for 2 scans – one on my SI joint and the other on my lower back. Maybe I’ll be back in a few months for my neck. Who knows? Couldn’t make the appointment at the next clinic as the people to do that with aren’t in on a Sunday so will have to ring tomorrow. Bit of a disadvantage of a Sunday appointment. But on the plus side there was no worrying about parking as there were loads of spaces and it was lovely and quiet.


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