Feeling really tired today. Had to get up in the middle of the night to take painkillers as my head was really painful. I remember the pharmacist once telling me you’re not meant to take ibuprofen at night, but I had no choice. Managed to get back to sleep and dull the headache down. Still there, but bearable. My eyes are hot and achey.

Yesterday and today I’ve been getting pain in my right hip when I walk. That’s a bit new. Normally all left side. My muscles feel all tight in my left leg too. That’s fairly normal.

The palpitations have come back this week. Not too bad today. They were worse on Monday. Seems to be related to feeling down/grumpy/anxious. Weird that when I was stressed with work stuff they weren’t bothering me.

Mindfulness tonight. Funny but on Monday when I was so down, I was all ‘what’s the point of going to mindfulness, I won’t bother paying for the next batch of sessions’ but when I felt better I’m all ‘let’s get the cash out so I can pay for the next batch asap’. It’s like I’m 2 different people.


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