Up at 5am this morning having to take painkillers for neck and head pain. Have survived the day on repeated doses of ibuprofen and paracetamol. Trying to avoid codeine as I took some yesterday and don’t want more of the issues that brings with it.

Leg pain is pretty bad at the moment. All day every day, every hour every minute. Knee, hip, foot, calf, the whole shebang. Last night I had an episode of pain that felt like my thigh was ripping. Well probably not as painful as that would actually be, but it was a tearing ripping feeling.

Not sleeping much lately and with all the pain it’s getting me down again. I can’t wait until the Christmas break. Life is so much better when you can stay in your pyjamas all morning and do what you want – a bit of crochet, a bit of blogging, computer games, reading, sleeping, whatever. Work is not fun when you’re tired and in pain.

I should go to bed now. Just waiting for daughter to finish her shower so I can use the bathroom. I’m kind of beyond tired, where you know you need to sleep but you’ve gone into zombie staring at nothing mode and can’t switch off. Fingers crossed for a little sleep at least.

How long can a person survive on 4-5 solid hours of sleep at most every night? I wake up at least once every night and sometimes struggle to get back to sleep for a little longer. Many mornings I wake up needing painkillers. Many nights I struggle to get comfy as everything hurts.

However, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Not that we do that here, but let me have a go. I am thankful that I have a job and money coming in. I’m thankful that I could afford to buy my kids Christmas presents, and that I’ve got all the shopping done already. I’m thankful that my leg functions and I can walk despite the pain. I’m thankful for my lovely partner who cooks me dinner every day and does so much more than many men, like all the cooking, washing up, bins etc. I’m thankful for central heating. I’m thankful for painkillers. I am thankful that I have my kids who give me purpose and reason to keep going. I am thankful that I only have 17 working days before the Christmas break.

That will do. Must go to bed now.


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