Sigh. Not great.

Diarrhoea strikes again. I had it last week too Monday-Thursday. Managed to work from Wednesday but was off sick Monday and Tuesday. I thought all was over as things went back to normal. But this morning it’s back. Luckily I’m off work anyway this week, but it’s still a bit shit (haha).

I don’t know what triggered it. I’m assuming it’s IBS. You’d think if it was a bug it would have gone and not suddenly reappeared. I’ve been trying to figure out if I ate something I shouldn’t have. There are some things I know are out of the question like onions but it seems that maybe fatty foods, chocolate and cheese might also be triggers. It’s hard to figure out what caused it when I don’t think I’ve eaten anything unusual recently – just the usual things I usually eat.

Urgh. Not nice and I hope it goes away again soon.

Anyway. Pain is about the usual levels. Currently foot, thigh and head.

I made a non-urgent appointment with the doctor in January. First I could get was 19th. I’ll take in some info on Fibromyalgia and see what they say.


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