Last time I wrote I was in the middle of an IBS episode. It carried on for some time and I ended up getting an urgent appointment at the Doctor after Christmas. They did some tests but nothing came of it. So that confirms it was IBS really as I thought. I basically had diarrhoea for 3 weeks. Not fun. Anyway that’s over now thankfully.

Good news is that I went to the Doctor again yesterday for the appointment I booked before Christmas. I asked her if she thought my symptoms sounded like Fibromyalgia and she agrees they do. She said there is no test to say yes or no, and you have to rule things out, but my ‘constellation’ of symptoms does indicate this problem. So now I have a diagnosis (ish) of Fibromyalgia. At first I was very happy thinking at last I have a label. Today I’m just in pain and remembering that this label doesn’t make much difference as there is no cure.

I am trying some new medication though so you never know, it might help. I’ve started on Amitriptyline. I’m taking 10mg per day at bedtime to start with and then going up to 20mg after 3-4 days. She says it should help with pain, sleep and anxiety. I also have some more Propranolol to take when the palpitations are bad.

I’m off Ibuprofen at the moment which is hard going. When I had the diarrhoea I was getting bleeding too. Most likely haemorrhoids, and the tests didn’t show anything, but the doctor said to avoid Ibuprofen as it could be irritating my stomach/intestine and making it worse. I’m not sure if I’m meant to be allowed to take it again since the tests showed nothing bad.

So having a label is good, but doesn’t make a huge amount of difference in daily life.

Today’s symptoms:

Headache, neckache, leg pain, extremely tired, lack of concentration


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